“People often say that I’m curious about too many things at once… But can you really forbid a man from harbouring a desire to know and embrace everything that surrounds him?”

Alexander von Humboldt

as Alexander von Humboldt, I am also curious about the natural world around me. I wish to share that knowledge with the world, and the best way I know is through different blog series.

Botany 101

 This series will focus on the very basics of Botany (plant science). I will teach the basics of systematics, the diversity of life, the plant body, and more.

Family of the Month

This series will highlight a different plant family on the first of each month: What characteristics do these plants share in common that put them into the same group? Who are some major players? Where do they occur? During the month, I will make posts about the different genera that comprise that family.


This series only focus is the natural world. Topics range from fire ecology to geology, soil science to drought. This is a generalist series to get readers thinking about the world they live in.



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